Briggs & Stratton Corporation Foundation

College Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program for High School Seniors and College Undergraduates

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Sons and daughters of Briggs & Stratton employees in the domestic U.S. and Canada who have been employed full-time by the Company for at least two years as of January 1, 2010.  Eligible students must be enrolled in a full-time program at a four-year accredited college or plan to enroll at the beginning of the next school year.  Applications will be welcomed from high school seniors and college undergraduates.

 AWARDS: Scholarships of $1,000 a year will be awarded on the basis of merit to ten (10) students.  This amount will be given to the student each year he/she is enrolled in and completes a full time academic program at an accredited college or university for a maximum of four (4) years.  For those students already in college, the number of credits already completed will determine the number of years of eligibility.  Awards will be granted through the completion of each studentís four-year undergraduate degree. Continuation of the scholarship will be contingent upon satisfactory scholastic performance and continuous enrollment in a full-time program.

SELECTION: An Awards Committee of independent outside university professionals will make the selection of scholarship winners.  Awards will be based on merit including: secondary school and/or college academic records, extra curricular activities both in and out of school; test scores; and qualities of character, leadership and motivation. Application materials presented by applicants and school personnel also will be considered.

No preference will be given to an applicant because of parentís position, salary or length of service. Children of corporate officers are excluded.

DEADLINE: Electronically submitted applications must be received by January 31.


Form I (Personal Data) complete by applicant.

Form II (Principalís, Counselorís or Advisorís) complete the top section and forward the form to appropriate school representative.

 Form III (Teacherís / Instructor's) complete the top section and forward the form to appropriate school representative.

 College 1A (College Undergraduates only) and forward the form to your principalís, teacherís, counselorís, etc. for further processing. 

Select the form you wish to fill out and click on ďDownloadĒ.

Once the form is downloaded click ďSaveĒ to save the form onto your computer.

When you have completed the form click ďSubmit FormĒ.

Finish by entering your Email Address and Full Name than click ďSendĒ.

All forms are available at and should be submitted no later than January 31, 2010.